Thursday, February 6, 2014

First wedding anniversary

Started as dog and cat
Trying  each other to scratch 
No reason to connect the dot 
For it was just to let the time pass. 

Months passing by and still can't stop 
Trying to intimidate to let it be cut 
Waiting for each other to roll it out
Until we feel d heart beat fast. 

Feeling couldn't  be enough to make it last
That was what we thought till we couldn't  get out 
Facing challenges together was our pact 
But couldn't accept that it was the fact. 

Meeting each other changed d cut
It was a thunder that made it tight
Didn't realized it was half decade passed 
Our connection is still hot. 

Now paper anniversary is our catch 
Looking forward for more to watch
Memories of the past and up

We will bring them all tile we drop.

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