Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lost Love

I thought you were my one and true love,

Who was a gift from up above;

My knight and shining armor,

Who could love me more?

I’d dreamed of growing old with you,

I was excited to spend my whole life with you;

I couldn’t wait for that moment to come true,

I hope it was a fairy tale comes true.

I believed in you so much

I just enjoyed the moment and never rush;

Until you were so numb and harsh,

I felt betrayed, crushed and crashed.

I learned a lot from you,

I appreciate my life more and so;

I let you go,

In order for both of us to grow.

Thank you for your time,

And for being there even not all the time;

I’m happy because I met you,

And became a better person because of you.


earthlingorgeous said...

Ah the love that is lost... teaches us a lesson... good or bad... you have nice poems in here.... :)

Found you at Gagay's I am celebrating my blog 1 year anniversary maybe you would like to join my giveaway. Details here Hope to see you there :)

M.Ismail said...

Love give a wind
bring you to heaven
bring you to hell

No heaven, no hell
if love is a truth from soul
God create it

hehehe,... I just try to create a poem in this comment window instantly. I like your poem with the truth.